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Magic of Making Up Review – Can You Get Your Ex Back with It?

Even if you are with the most wonderful girl in the world, things may not always go smoothly. When I went into a bitter fight with my girlfriend, we didn’t speak for a week and I got really scared that I could lose her. In this dire situation, a friend shared the Magic of Making Up e-book. I read it and used the advice. Here is my Magic of Making Up review based on my experience.

The Book

It’s basically a guide to re-establishing your relationship with your partner. It offers some very unconventional techniques and I feel that I should point this out in my Magic of Making Up review. They are nothing like going to a therapist and having long conversations. It’s all about taking action.

The Author

T.W. Jackson, also known as T Dub, wrote this book based on his diverse experience. Because of his military career, he had moved a lot and this helped him to understand people and the relationships between them better. He is a truly genuine guy who makes you feel that you can trust him the moment you see him. This is what I’d expect from someone who offers to help you with your relationship. This is an observation which I really wanted to share in my Magic of Making Up review.

The Techniques

There are tons of them in the guide so I’ll focus on the most important ones here. I like the fast forward technique which shows you how to overcome the sadness associated with the breakup and to focus on rebuilding your relationship with your partner. There are also methods for determining if your ex still cares about you. My advice is that you focus on reading what women actually want the most. This is essential for using the techniques for making up like the clean slate method and the instant reconnection technique.

One of the things which I like the most in this guide to getting your ex back is that it addresses specific situations like what to do if you have cheated on your partner or if she has cheated on you. You probably think that there is no magic formula for resolving situations like this, but what T Dub wrote is more than helpful and I want to emphasize this in my Magic of Making Up review.

Is It Helpful?

The book helped me make up with my girlfriend very quickly and smoothly. It’s true that we didn’t have a cheating problem, but I think that the advice is equally helpful in a situation like this. Things didn’t feel awkward between us. In fact, I think that we are now bonding on a deeper level thanks to what the book taught me. I found the advice on reviving the romance in the relationship exceptionally useful.

How about Cons?

If you use the full system for getting your ex back, which I strongly recommend, the process isn’t particularly short. Still, the more important thing is that you will make up with the person that you care for the most in the end. In my opinion, the book is a good tool for this and I feel confident about saying it in my Magic of Making Up review.

The Price

You can download the e-book from its official website after paying $39, which is its current price. There are no bonuses included, but this is also the case with similar guides like Text That Girl.


What’s the verdict of my Magic of Making Up review? The book is helpful for restoring a relationship, if you apply the techniques correctly and follow the advice strictly. Check out more details now.

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