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Tao of Badass Review – Can It Help You Get Any Woman?

I’ve always wondered what attracts women to normal guys like me and makes them stick around and one day a friend offered an answer – The Tao of Badass. I was reluctant to read the e-book at first, but then decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose. I’ve relied on this system for quite some time now and I feel confident about writing a Tao of Badass review. Here it is.

What Is It All About?

Simply put, this is a system for making women fall for you. What grabbed me about it in the first place is that it is based on psychology, meaning you can use psychological methods to attract a girl and keep her regardless of your looks or the size of your wallet. It’s really for “regular” guys.

The author of the system is Joshua Pellicer, a well-known dating coach. In fact, he achieved international fame with this very system. This is something which I wanted to mention in my Tao of Badass review because it really shows how special it is.

How It Works

Joshua has a scientific approach to seducing women, but it’s not some weird mumbo jumbo. The system is completely logical and intuitive. It first teaches you how to become an attractive man in the eyes of women. As you can guess, being a nice guy doesn’t help. The dating coach shows you how to get that hot bad guy image without actually being nasty. This is one thing which makes this system a favorite of mine and I’d like to emphasize this in my Tao of Badass review.

The second part is a step-by-step tactic for getting a girl head over heels. It consists of four phases: attraction, rapport, seduction and relationship balance. I love how Joshua explains every aspect and yet manages to stay focused on the big picture. The third part of the system is all about recognizing when a girl is attracted to you. This is crucial since many guys, me included, often tend to be way too nervous to notice when a woman sends the right signals.

Are There Extras?

Over the years, the system has become the center of a growing community of guys who are sharing their experience and helping each other out. The members area is a place where you can find various real-life stories and learn from them. You can also post a question without feeling worried that you may feel weird. This is something which makes this system stand out, especially when compared to Make Women Want You. Another thing which I want to point out in my Tao of Badass review is that the system’s website offers free articles and videos to those who want a quick boost to their seduction skills.

Positive Results?

This system helped me a lot with boosting my self-esteem, especially when it came to women. It didn’t turn out to be that hard to learn how to pick up girls. I have to tell you that I’ve had great success with the tactics and I’m quite confident that any guy can do at least as well as I did.

Any Downsides?

The e-book explaining the system is long – 150 pages – so it’s not exactly a quick read. The good news is that there are plenty of videos to help you out, especially if you get stuck with applying the system. Generally, the whole book is worth reading and I want to emphasize this in my Tao of Badass review.

How Much Is It?

The official website of the e-book doesn’t state a price currently. You’ll have to sign up to get details and access to the program’s resources.

The Verdict

What’s the conclusion of this Tao of Badass review? The system is very helpful to guys who have difficulties with getting girls. Don’t hesitate to find out more.

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