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Unlock Her Legs Review – Is this the Ultimate Secret to Making Women Fall for You?

We’ve all been there – you’re trying hard to get a girl, but she isn’t interested at all and the next thing she does is to get all over somebody else. I got played this way a while back and decided to never make a fool out of myself again. This is how I discovered Unlock Her Legs. I want to share my experience with it to help you decide if it could help you attract girls. Here is my Unlock Her Legs review.

What Is It?

Unlock Her Legs is a system for seduction which you can use to influence women subconsciously. It uses a variety of seduction methods which are arranged in a special sequence called The Scrambler. It got its name because it virtually “scrambles” the brain of a girl and makes her want you like crazy.

There are three stages making up the system and I want to evaluate them in my Unlock Her Legs review. On the first one, you are using weapons to hold her attention. I was amazed how easy it was to make a girl look at me as if I had cast a spell on her. On the second stage, you make the girl addicted to you, meaning she will want more and more. On the third one, you will use tactics for making her fall in love with you.

Who’s the Author?

The two guys behind the system are Rob Judge and Bobby Rio. I researched these guys before using it and they turned out to be some of the most popular dating coaches around. In my opinion, they really know their business. It’s amazing how they explain everything clearly in simple terms. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to follow their instructions. I wanted to highlight this in my Unlock Her Legs review.

Are There Bonuses?

Yes, there are six of them and this is something which made me more confident about getting the system. The Invisible Escalation video shows you how to create the greatest possible sexual tension between you and a girl. It’s more than impressive. She’s Sending You Signals is a report which describes the signs that a girl is attracted to you. This is one of the things which I like the most about the program and want to emphasize on my Unlock Her Legs review.

You can use The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence to seduce a girl who’s dating someone else. The Magnetic Effect Pattern shows you how to make a girl that you are friends with attracted to you by sending the right text messages. Her Erogenous Zones is amazing because it helps you do fantastically in bed. I know I improved my performance. Dirty Dozen: 12 Conversations That Will Make Her Fall in Love gives you topics that will melt her heart. They are quite helpful.

Does It Work?

I have already used the Unlock Her Legs system several times and it was effective in each case. Thanks to the whole program, including the bonuses, I now have an awesome girlfriend who used to be well out of my league back in the day. I’m sure that it can work for everyone. Generally, it’s more subtle than The Tao of Badass and this is one thing which I like very much.

Any Cons?

I wish the program contained more advice on how to boost your self-confidence and stop being nervous when you talk to women. You will need a cool mind to use the tricks suggested by the dating coaches and I wanted to point this out in my Unlock Her Legs review.

The Price

At present, you can buy the program for $79 on its official website.


Should you get the system after reading this Unlock Her Legs review? It’s effective yet simple to use. It appears to work on most girls. It worked for me – a guy who doesn’t rely much on looks. Get more details now.

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