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Text That Girl Review – Does It Teach You Exactly What to Text Girls to Attract Them?

You’ve got her number and you are celebrating, but do you realize that the harder part comes next? How do you make her want to go out on a date with you? Texting is tricky, especially given the fact that you may be competing with a bunch of other guys. This happened to me once and I lost in the end. When I shared the story with a friend, he recommended Text That Girl. I used the e-book teaching you what to text girls and I’m eager to tell you all about my experience with it.

Key Things to Keep in Mind

This e-book is a guide to texting a girl the right way for achieving your goal – make her want you. The author is Race dePriest. What I like about him is that he’s been to many different places and has had various jobs so he really has experience. He speaks openly like a cool guy who can easily become your friend. This is something which I want to emphasize in my Text That Girl review.

How It Works

You will not simply get a set of instructions on what to text girls with this guide. You will actually discover a psychological approach to making a girl fall for you. One of the key things which you will learn is how to build rapport at subconscious level. This sounds difficult, but it isn’t, in fact. I’m not the most confident guy, but it worked like magic for me.

You will also learn how to apply the so-called social pattern that will make her feel like a teenager craving for your attention. My favorite part of the guide is where Race teaches you how to respond to the games that she will try to play with you. This is a test and you’d want to pass with an excellent mark. You’ll agree with me that this e-book offers a lot more than simply teaching you what to text girls.

Are There Precise Tips?

Yes, there is advice for practically any situation that you may get yourself into and this is something which I love about Text That Girl. You will discover how to create the perfect first text that will immediately attract her to you. I found the tips on what to do if you feel that she’s slipping away and they turned out to be even better than expected. You will also learn how to make her text you again if she hasn’t done it for a long time. Some of my favorite tips are the ones on how to get a girl’s number and practically prepare her for agreeing to go out with you.

How Effective Is It?

I’ve used the tactics and advice on what to text girls given in this guide many times and they have always worked out exceptionally well. I’m not claiming that the methods are foolproof, but they are effective as long as you apply them precisely and with confidence. Once you get a good understanding of how girls think, making them want you isn’t that hard.

Any Negative Sides?

To be honest, I was disappointed that this e-book came without any bonuses, unlike Text the Romance Back, but this was only at first. When I started reading the guide to texting, it was so comprehensive that my disappointment went away quickly. I couldn’t have asked for more detailed advice and explanations. You learn precisely what to text girls in virtually any kind of situation.

The Cost

The e-book is currently available for $47 on its official website. You can download it directly and use it right away.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Text That Girl is a detailed guide on how to make a woman yours via texting. It teaches you a lot more than simply what to text girls. Discover more details now.

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